Cyber attack on US crypto firm Harmony, hackers blew $100 million worth of digital currency

A major case of cyber attack has come to the fore in the US where US crypto firm Harmony has faced the theft of $100 million. Hackers stole $100 million worth of digital currency from the firm.

London, Reuters. A case of cyber attack on US-based crypto firm Harmony has come to light, causing a huge loss of $100 million to the company. Crypto firm Harmony said on Friday that hackers stole nearly $100 million worth of digital currency in an ambush. Let us tell you that hackers are constantly carrying out such cases. Cases of digital currency theft have also come to the fore in the past.

Hackers hit the company’s Horizon Bridge
Let us tell you that the US-based crypto firm Harmony develops the blockchain for the so-called decentralized. The California-based company said the theft hit its Horizon Bridge, through which it used to transfer cryptocurrencies from different blockchains. This software is also used for the digital tokens Bitcoin and Ether.

Hackers stole about $615 million in March
Elliptic, which tracks publicly visible blockchain data, said hackers stole several different cryptocurrencies. Hackers have swapped cryptocurrencies using so-called decentralized exchanges, including Ether, Tether and USD Coin. In March, hackers stole about $615 million from Ronin Bridge. The Ronin Bridge is used to transfer cryptocurrencies.

Funds will be recovered soon after catching the theft

Harmony tweeted that it is investigating the matter in collaboration with the National Authority and Forensic Specialist. According to the firm, the matter is being investigated and very soon it will nab the thief and recover the funds.

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