Cyber Crime: Teacher’s bank account emptied due to online marketing

The fraudster stole Rs 87993 from the teacher’s bank account in 10 times. The relatives of the teacher are running from the cyber police station to the cyber cell with the complaint letter regarding the matter, but till now no help has been received.

Gorakhpur, Jagran Correspondent. Despite running all kinds of awareness campaigns, every day one or the other is becoming the target of cyber thugs. Due to cyber fraud, a teacher from Gorakhpur got a cloth worth seven hundred rupees for 88 thousand rupees. After being cheated, the relatives of the teacher are running from the cyber police station to the cyber cell with the application, but they have not got any relief from anywhere.

This is the case: Neha Srivastava, daughter of civil court advocate Anil Kumar Srivastava, is a teacher in a school. A few days back, he had ordered clothes worth Rs 699 from an online marketing company. When he did not like the cloth, his mother searched the marketing company’s number on Google to return it. On contacting the number, a fraudster said that they need not worry. They have a link going. After accepting that link, some details will have to be sent in a format and on submitting it, the money will be returned to the account. After a while he sent a link. After accepting the link, money started deducting from his account.

In 10 times the fraudster emptied the bank account: In 10 times, his account was deducted a total of Rs 87993. Neha has complained about this to the cyber police station and cyber cell, but she could not get any relief. Sub-Inspector of Cyber Police Upendra Kumar Singh said that this matter is not related to Cyber Police Station. The cyber police station looks into forgery above one lakh rupees. The cases below that are dealt with at the level of Cyber Cell.

The fraudster cheated 1.46 lakh by changing the ATM of the teacher: On the other hand, Satyendra Nath Pandey, a resident of Uska village of Pipraich, is posted as the headmaster in the composite school, Mirhiriya. On Sunday evening, he went to withdraw money from the ATM at the octroi intersection of Pipraich police station area. There a person fraudulently changed his card. After that, money kept coming out of his account. He told that he had kept his mobile in the house. They were not aware of this. On Monday afternoon, a message was received after him to deduct Rs 1545. When he went to the bank, he came to know that a total of Rs 1.46 lakh has been deducted from his account in 13 times. When he complained to the cyber police station, it came to know that this case is not of cyber fraud, but of cheating. In such a situation, he should complain about it in Pipraich police station.

Creating awareness on the wall to prevent cyber crimes: To make people aware of cyber fraud, all important information has been given on the wall of the cyber police station. So that people can avoid cyber fraud. It has been told that people should not search for the number of any company on Google. Rather go to the official website of the company and find its number.

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