Five people died due to torrential rains in Karachi, open pole of Sindh government’s poor drainage system

Five people died due to torrential rains in Karachi, Pakistan. The rains have flooded many areas and inundated roads. During this, the claims of the Sindh government regarding the drainage system have also been exposed.

Karachi, ANI. Record-breaking rains in Pakistan’s Karachi have exposed the city’s drainage system and the claims of the Sidh government. Many areas have been flooded due to rain. Five people have lost their lives. Karachi’s loop areas including DHA and Clifton have been submerged due to heavy rains. Rain water has entered people’s homes. People could not even celebrate Eid properly. Officials have been reprimanded for negligence.

AQM-P criticizes Sindh government

The AQM-P has criticized the Sindh government for its failure amid incessant heavy rains. “The rains have once again exposed the infrastructure status of Karachi,” the statement said. The city’s sewerage system is choked. Citizens are suffering because of the government’s incompetence.’ The AQM-P is a key coalition partner in the Shahbaz Sharif-led Pakistan government.

  • The roads have been submerged due to the torrential rains.
  • Traffic has been badly affected.
  • The flow of water has increased after overnight rains on Korangi Kajwe Road.

power supply interrupted

Electricity has also been cut due to accumulation of water. Because 500 feeders were closed due to water stagnation in those places. The metropolis was provided with electricity from 1,400 out of 1,900 power feeders. The power utility said the feeders have been switched off “for safety and technical reasons”. The power supply will resume once the water has drained from the areas. Electricity has been affected in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Surjani, Baldia, Bin Qasim and some other towns.

  • Frequent load-shedding across the country has left people exposed to high temperatures.
  • The Shahbaz Sharif government has blamed the previous PTI government for the lack of energy.
  • Several measures have been taken to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of electricity.
  • Several federal ministers of Pakistan have urged traders to adopt necessary measures to reduce wastage of fuel and electricity.

Indeed, Pakistan is facing a massive escalating energy crisis. The country is facing this power shortage due to Pakistan’s inability to pay for China’s electricity supply. People are suffering from scorching heat.

electricity tariff hike

Recently, the Government of Pakistan has decided to increase the rates of electricity, increasing the problems of the people. The Pakistani people, burdened with rising inflation and deteriorating economy, are shocked by the increase in basic electricity rates by Rs 7.9 per unit. At present the basic rate of electricity is Rs 16.91 per unit and with an increase of Rs 7.9078 per unit it will exceed Rs 24 per unit.

PM Sharif expressed grief over the death of people

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif called Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah to express grief over the loss of lives and offered all possible help to the provincial government, amid devastation caused by rain in Karachi. According to The News International, the prime minister has directed the provincial governments and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to make coordinated efforts to ensure public safety and rehabilitate the affected people as parts of the country were hit by monsoon rains.

Above average rain in Balochistan

An official of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said that this year’s monsoon system has brought above average rainfall in Balochistan, while the monsoon average in Karachi was 141 mm.

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