In the battle of Rampur, CM Yogi took a jibe at Azam, said – ‘The rope got burnt, did not cramp

Today is the last day of campaigning for the Rampur and Azamgarh Lok Sabha by-elections. Today CM Yogi addressed public meetings in Bilaspur and Milak of Rampur. In these meetings, he attacked the opposition fiercely.
Today is the last day of campaigning for Azamgarh and Rampur Lok Sabha by-elections. Today, CM Yogi held public meetings in support of BJP candidate Ghanshyam Lodhi in Rampur at different places. After Bilaspur, while addressing a public meeting in Milak, CM Yogi targeted Azam Khan fiercely. He said- ‘We did not discriminate against anyone during the Corona period. Those who were in jail also got free treatment. They used to say at that time that jail is heaven. Today it is said that jail was hell. I knew they change colors so quickly that even a chameleon would blush. The rope got burnt, but the cramp is not going away.
CM Yogi said that we used to listen in childhood. The knife of Rampur, the papad of Hapur, the petha of Agra, the locks of Aligarh, all these were the hallmarks of these districts of Uttar Pradesh. The knife of Rampur was amazing, but when it was in the hands of the Spaniards, he started dacoity on the lands of the poor. When the  BJP government was formed, this land was given back from the land mafia to the poor. He said that the poor are poor. A farmer is a farmer. Youth is youth and women are women. There should be no discrimination against them. The  CM said that we have used the knife of Rampur for the honor and dignity of the poor here. We will not allow the heritage of Rampur to be played with.
He said that some people misused Rampur’s identity but we will not allow this to happen. Some people tried to destroy the heritage of Rampur. Today the law is counting them. The CM said that out of 5 years of the government, two years were spent fighting Corona. We are giving free rations to the poor since the Corona period. We have worked for all without discrimination of caste and religion. Earlier, professional criminals were respected at the Chief Minister’s residence, but if the BJP government was formed, then Guruvani is recited at the same Chief Minister’s residence.

SP PresidentAkhilesh
Yadav has distanced himself from the by-elections being held on two Lok Sabha seats (Rampur and Azamgarh) in UP. He neither went to Azamgarh nor did any rally in Rampur so far.
CM Yogi said on Agniveer
CM Yogi fervently praised the ‘Agneepath’ scheme in Rampur’s public meetings. He said that in our time there is no discrimination against anyone. When any youth of UP gets employed, it is the youth of UP. This is the reason why we have given government jobs to 5 lakh youth in 5 years. We have connected 1.61 crore youth with employment and jobs by investing in the private sector.60 lakh traditionganjtradition and entrepreneurs were also encouraged by linking them with banks. Jobs never came in UP on such a large scale and we are grateful to Prime Minister Modi that he made 10 lakh youth ‘Agniveer’ in one and a half years, the army of the country, The action initiated by him to provide the best opportunities to serve in the paramilitary and police forces should be welcomed, but the opposition believes that he does not agree. He is trying to mislead. This is the reason that the people of the country are repeatedly teaching a lesson to these opposition parties. In  UP, the public has just given them a message. Congress was reduced to two seats. The same situation is going to happen for the SP in the Lok Sabha elections.

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