Increase the level of beauty with oxygen in the house with this lacquered plant, read the price and method of care

Gardening Tips Microcarpa plant of Ficus species comes from China. The cost of the plant is 250 to 300 rupees, a big plant in lakhs. This plant is available only in a few selected nurseries of Agra. The age of the plant is about 12 to 15 years.

Agra, Jagran Correspondent. Many people came close to nature during the Corona period. Many people have adopted the pastime of planting saplings in their homes. From balcony, terrace to garden, such plants were planted, which give more oxygen. There is such a plant, which gives off a lot of oxygen. But people have to pay a lot to get its oxygen. The cost of this one plant starts from thousands and goes up to lakhs.

Bonsai plants of Microcarpa of Ficus species developed in China are available only in a few selected nurseries of Agra. The cost of its seedlings is 250 to 300 rupees. As its age and its size increases, its price also increases. Where the cost of small plants is 25 to 30 thousand rupees, then the cost of big plants is in lakhs. They come from China to Bangalore and then from there to the nurseries of Agra.

In the craze for nature that increased during the Corona period, people planted everything from snake plant to Erica Palm etc. in their homes. Those who have space, they even planted banyan and peepal. Microcarpa plant of Ficus species was included in this choice. This bonsai plant of Ficus species, developed in China, releases abundant oxygen. These plants are found only in a few selected nurseries of Agra. Nursery operator Bablu Kushwaha told that 10 to 15 feet tall plant of Microcarpa is sold for lakhs of rupees. Nursery operator Mushtaq says that the age of this plant is about 12 to 15 years. Its care is also easy. It doesn’t need much sunlight. Strong sunlight burns its leaves. This plant is also indoor. This plant requires less water. Cocopit compost is very beneficial for this plant. Due to the cost in lakhs, it is also called Lakhtakia plant. Plants are ordered on demand only. Nursery operator Vinay told that this plant is brought on demand only. Since it is an expensive plant, it is procured only in small numbers. Plants are of little value, but large trees are expensive. This plant comes to Bangalore before China. Its influx was reduced during the Corona period. Now this plant is coming, but the price has increased.

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