MP Nikay Chunav 2022: Vacation of many tainted candidates of BJP, party workers get angry on this stand of Shivraj

MP Nikay Chunav 2022 Naturally, sensing the situation, the Congress is also throwing full force in the municipal and panchayat elections. Big leaders like Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh themselves are handling the responsibility of different areas.

Sadhguru Sharan. It is moral courage that stems from self-confidence. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, showing perseverance, got the tickets of many tainted BJP candidates cut off in the municipal elections, who were successful in grabbing tickets through loud jugaad. There was dissatisfaction and discontent in the party by ignoring the dedicated workers who were ready to raise the party’s flag, and many candidates of criminal background were given tickets, but the workers were not being vocal considering it as the decision of big leaders. Despite this, Shivraj Singh became strict on receiving feedback to this effect and publicly declared that BJP would not contest a single tainted election. As soon as the Chief Minister’s signal was received, State President VD Sharma cleared all the lists of candidates. Among those who were discharged, some candidates of Bhopal and Indore Municipal Corporation elections were also included. Party workers are mad at this stand of Shivraj.

How important are the civic and panchayat elections, which are being held about a quarter of a year before the assembly elections, for the BJP, it can be understood. Similar panchayat and civic elections were held in Uttar Pradesh a few months before the last assembly elections, in which the BJP’s huge success had prepared a strong ground for the assembly elections. In the assembly elections, the party won a big victory proving all the speculations and guesses wrong. The party wants to repeat the same example in Madhya Pradesh too, but Shivraj Singh does not want to adopt any shortcut for this. Political critics consider the Chief Minister’s tough stand on the question of the tainted as a sign of his high confidence.

Shivraj Singh has made the record of being the Chief Minister for the longest period in the history of BJP. The sum of his four terms as Chief Minister is more than 15 years. Of course, this is a proud achievement for them, although one aspect of it is the anti-incumbency factor of electoral politics, which has already shown its effect in the last assembly elections. Taking lessons from that result, the Chief Minister is not only scouting every corner of the state, but is also interacting with different social classes apart from collectively.

These elections are equally important for the Congress. The Congress, which lost the government after running only 15 months after getting success in the last assembly elections, is scrambling to get back to power in 2023 at any cost, but it also knows the difficulties in the way to this destination. In the last elections, apart from the anti-incumbency factor of the Shivraj Singh government, promises like almost unilateral support of tribals and loan waiver of farmers changed the course of the election results, while this time the situation is somewhat different. The promise of waiving farmers’ loans in the last election, which made the Congress’s goal easy, is now a big obstacle in the path of Congress.

The promise was made by Rahul Gandhi himself. The period of 15 months to complete it was no less. Clearly, in the next election, at least among the farmers, the Congress may face a crisis of credibility. Meanwhile, after the work done by Modi and Shivraj government in various forms for the tribals, Congress should not expect too much from this vote bank. NDA has played a master stroke in terms of electoral politics by making Draupadi Mumru of tribal background a candidate in the presidential election. Critics believe that the deep impact of this decision will be felt from the states till the next Lok Sabha elections. The Congress doesn’t seem to have an option at the moment.

Naturally, sensing the situation, the Congress is also throwing full force in the municipal and panchayat elections. Big leaders like Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh themselves are handling the responsibility of different areas. Like the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress has done a lot of work in the selection of candidates. A senior party leader admits that in the last few years, the debacle in the assembly elections in most states, including Uttar Pradesh, and the recent ED questioning of Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald scam case has brought down the morale of party workers at every level. Already happened. Against this background, the civic and panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh are also important for the Congress. If the Congress is not able to perform average in these elections, then it will be more difficult for the assembly elections to be held next year.

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