Patients are not getting facilities in the hospitals of Pithoragarh district

Snatch the land/canal. To provide health facilities, hospitals have been opened in the remote villages of Pithoragarh district, but these hospitals have neither specialist doctors nor resources. In such a situation, in most cases, these centers have become only referral centers. Due to lack of X-ray, ultrasound etc. in PHC, people are compelled to run to the district hospital. The team of Samvad News Agency on Tuesday investigated the Additional Primary Health Center (APHC) Gauchar and Kanalichina Hospital.

at 10 am
The team reached PHC Kanalichina at 10 am. Here the hospital was deserted. The hospital staff had reached on time. The OPD room was deserted. The team reached in-charge medical officer Dr. Ravi Shankar’s room. He was present in the room. He told that there are 10 to 15 OPDs in the hospital every day. There are cases of one or two deliveries. He told that there is no system for X-ray, ultrasound etc. tests.

Additional primary health center not even the facility of transit plaster
Thal (Pithoragarh). The team of Samvad News Agency reached the Primary Health Center (PHC) Gochar at 10 am. Patients were slowly coming to the hospital. At 10:05 minutes, three patients came to the doctor’s room after cutting the form in the OPD. Here doctors treated him.

Till 12 noon, only 25 patients reached here, out of which 15 women were present. The hospital had only first aid facility. The hospital management told that serious patients are referred to a higher center in the emergency room.

In 12:05 minutes, he inquired about the resources available in the hospital, which included four oxygen cylinders, two rabies injections, 25 anti snake injections, emergency medicine stock. There was no facility of bone plaster with X-ray facility. There was also no facility of ultrasound, pathology examination for pregnant women. Only blood tests are sent out in the name of investigation, its report takes three days. A male doctor and a female doctor were present in the hospital treating the patients. The pharmacist present in the hospital has retired a month ago. Under the arrangement, Sandev’s pharmacist has been attached three days a week. Six years ago, by making this hospital an APHC, by grade-A, only two doctors have been created in this hospital consisting of three doctors. In the name of convenience, it has been demoted to A grade and denied the facility.

Doctors have been posted in the PHC of the district. Blood tests are also being done in some centres. Efforts are being made to provide better health facilities to the patients with the existing resources. On getting the technician, X-ray will also be conducted in the PHC. – Dr. HS Hyanki, CMO, Pithoragarh.

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