Russia Z Mark: Z mark being made on Russia’s military weapons, now visible on submarine too, after all what is Putin benefiting from this?

This zigzag mark on Russian military vehicles and submarines is similar to the Z alphabet of English. The biggest thing is that there is no Z in the Russian alphabet.

Russia using Z since Ukraine war Z mark visible on Russian military vehicles Z mark also seen on top of submarine

Z Mark on Russian Weapons: Between Russia and Ukraine war, the attention of the whole world got a lot on the Z mark made on Russian military vehicles. The same mark was seen on armored vehicles, military trucks and tanks stationed in Russia’s Ukraine. Now this mark has been found for the first time on a Russian Navy’s ballistic missile submarine. This submarine is patrolling in the Arctic Ocean with nuclear missiles. In such a situation, it is believed that Russia is showing the mark of Z to show its aggression. This is the reason why he has made this mark even on his submarines.

According to the news of Naval News, this zigzag mark made on Russian military vehicles and submarines is similar to the Z alphabet of English. The biggest thing is that there is no Z in the alphabet of the Russian language. This is the reason why Z is sometimes seen made on military related items. In such a situation, its construction on Russian nuclear submarines is directly related to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This mark is now being linked to Russia’s aggression. In such a situation, Putin is trying to tell that the Russian Navy will patrol the Arctic Ocean with the same aggression as it remains in Ukraine.

Submarine sighted at Severomorsk port

This Z-marked submarine of the Russian Navy has been spotted in July at the port of Severomorsk, which is located on the Barents Sea coast. It is Russia’s Borei A class nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine. According to the news of Naval News, the pictures which are going viral are similar to the submarine seen in the viral pictures on social media of Russia. The submarine is currently patrolling in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Borei-class submarines are usually equipped with sixteen RSM-56 Bulawa nuclear-launched ballistic missiles.

more powerful than american missile

Russia’s RSM-56 Bulawa missile is more powerful than the American Trident missile. These missiles have a range of 8000 km, it is capable of carrying 6 to 10 MIRV (Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles). That is, there are 6 to 10 multiple independent reentry vehicles within the calling mill. Which can eliminate more than one target at once. Each of these is capable of attacking with a nuclear warhead of 00-150 kilotons.

The Defense Ministry had told the meaning of Z and V

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