The municipal corporation, which keeps track of every single piece, remains silent.

About 450 tonnes of garbage is lifted every day in Aligarh. Where it is being dumped, the account of it is not with the Municipal Corporation. Please tell that this garbage is being dumped on the submerged land on Bhadesi Road.

Lokesh Sharma, Aligarh. The municipal corporation, which keeps track of every single piece of garbage, is silent on thousands of tonnes of waste. This garbage is being dumped in the submerged land on Bhadesi Road. A large part of this land was covered with garbage. Where did all this garbage come from? Neither the corporation officers are able to answer this question, nor the ATOZ management. Dumping garbage in the open comes under the category of crime, even submerged land cannot be bridged like this. Where this waste is being dumped, there is also a population. The stench of ‘corruption’ is now emanating from this pile of garbage.

City lifts 450 tonnes of garbage per day

Around 450 metric tonnes of garbage is collected by EtoZ Company every day in the city. In 2010, the Municipal Corporation had signed a contract with EtoZ Company to collect the garbage from the dump houses as well as the houses. The company collects user charges every month in lieu of picking up garbage from homes. For collection of garbage from dump houses, the company charges a tipping fee from the Municipal Corporation, which is charged per metric ton of garbage. The garbage collected from the dump houses and houses goes to ETUZ’s plant on Mathura Road for disposal. Organic manure is made from 200 metric waste. The plant has the same capacity, the rest of the waste is dumped in the plant as well. Now mountains of garbage have formed there. This waste is not dumped anywhere other than the plant. But, with the help of railway line on Bhadesi Road, garbage is being dumped in the submerged land for the last two-three months. A mountain of garbage has also stood here. Where did all this garbage come from? Everyone is silent on this. Due to the population there, people are troubled by the filth and smell. The place where the garbage has been dumped is being told as the land of the Gram Sabha. There was a complaint with the DM alleging that this land was encroached. It was said that the government land is being bridged under the conspiracy. Different parts of Kalidah Pokhar were also occupied similarly.

complaint to human rights commission

Ajay Gupta has complained about this case in Human Rights. They say that Gata number 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405 of village Gambhirpura Tehsil Kol is the land of the Gram Sabha, which is submerged. Hundreds of tonnes of garbage are dumped here every day. Besides grabbing government land, the lives of the local people are being put at risk.

The contractor said, the garbage found from the plant

A contractor and some laborers of Jamalpur reached Bhadesi Road on Wednesday with four JCBs and started moving the garbage towards the water. The contractor said that he got this waste free of cost from the EtuZ plant. A farmer is getting the garbage dumped here.

open garbage

These days the cleaning of Shakti Nagar puddle is going on. The waste removed from here is being dumped in the open in front of the Municipal Corporation workshop.

they say

Waste is disposed of at the EtoZ plant. Waste does not go out from the plant. Garbage was not dumped by EtoZ Company on Bhadesi Road also.

Samay Singh Project Head, EtoZ

I am not aware that so much garbage has been dumped anywhere. This work was not done by the Municipal Corporation. Rest of the information is being gathered.

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